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Phoenix DrumCo. manufacturers:


  • Snare drums that look and sound better than DW, TAMA, LUDWIG, YAMAHA, CRUSH, PORKPIE, SGC, SONAR etc because we own the patent for the PDC Ghost Port and each snare drum is custom fitted  with the exclusive  PDC Ghost Port.

  • Drum kits that sound better than DW, TAMA, LUDWIG, YAMAHA, CRUSH, PORKPIE, SGC, SONAR etc as we own the patent for the PDC Ghost Port, it's a promice! We just had to say that twice.

  • Hardware for drum kits

  • Cymbals

  • Stands

  • Accessories for drums and drummers

  • Custom designed drums

  • Wooden shell drums

  • Brass shell snare drum 

  • Aluminum shell snare drum

  • Acrylic shell snare drums

  • Clear acrylic  shell snare drums

  • Popcorn shell snare drums









  1. Custom paint finishes for drums

  2. Custom finish by choice of the client or we can assist with ideas for drums

  3. Drum finishes wraps

  4. Custom drum shell wraps

  5. Drum head graphics

  6. Sick graphic drum finishes

  7. Drum Collector's finishes

  8. Better than the DW's Collectors drum  finishes( just to be clear as we are not only offer  custom finishes but also offer finishes painted by professional artists

  9. Cool graphic drum finishes

  10. We could discuss Ideas for new drum finishes that are exclusive to this drummer or this band

  11. Motorcycle drum  finishes

  12. Authomobile drum finishes

  13. Urethane drum finishes

  14. Polyurethane drum finishes

  15. Satin Drum finishes

  16. Gloss drum finishes

  17. Metal flake drum finishes

  18. Pearl drum finishes

  19. Pearlazed metalic drum finishes

  20. Hammered brass drum finishes

  21. Black nickel plating over brass finishes





  1. Drum harware

  2. Drum racks

  3. Cymbal stands

  4. Drum stands

  5. Snare stands

  6. Hi-hat stands

  7. Boom stands

  8. Mircophone stands

  9. Hercules microphone stands

  10. Straight stands

  11. Drum rack stands

  12. Drum rack memory locks

  13. Drum tuning tools

  14. Drum keys

  15. Drum wrenches

  16. Drum parts & hardware for DW, Pearl, YAMAHA, TAMA





  1. Drum thrones

  2. Drum seats

  3. Drum chairs

  4. Drum stools




Universal left/ right remote single drum pedal

Chain drive double drum pedal

Chain drive single drum pedal










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