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Phoenix DrumCo Artiststs

Gregg Potter 



Gregg Potter is the drummer for the Buddy Rich Band   Gregg plays a PDC Hand Hammered (5 x 14) Brass Hip Cat snare drum.  


Buddy Rich is considered by most as the best drummer who ever lived. Even though Buddy passed away over 20 years ago his band still tours world wide. Gregg Potter has not only been and is their drummer but is also engaged to marry Cathy - Rich Buddy’s daughter- who is also a musician, entertainer & singer and tours with the band as well.


"My Phoenix Drum Company hand hammered beaded brass 5 X 14 ghost ported snare drum is the most unique “specialty” snare drum I have ever played.  The Ghost Port gives it depth, along with the initial “crack” of the drum.  The sound is not matched by any conventional snare drum, metal or wood.  A solid, sturdy, instrument.  The drum’s design, polished hammered textured shell, along with the added accessories, like the Trick GS 007 throw off, black nickel plated hoops, and custom Phoenix lug casings, make it not only sound great but look incredibly sharp.  


A piece of art you can play. This drum not only sings, it screams and shouts.”  

Christian Horstmann


Christian Horstmann  Band in  John Wilkes Booth,  New York New York.  Christian plays a PDC Custom Hand Painted Alien, Fat Cat Phantom


"PDC is a pleasure to deal with. Friendly and professional, 

Philip welcomes you in and gives you the kind of personal attention you just don't get from other companies. 


This snare is just plain awesome! The first thing I noticed besides it looking incredible was the huge rim shot you get out of this thing. Hit it right and you can feel it in your face, kinda huge. It has a big, clean sound that is crisp and responsive at any playing level. It's more than a drum--it's an instrument.


It immediately replaced my existing snare. Well done!


Great job on an amazing snare!


It is one sexy bitch!"



Christian Horstmann



Johnny Brusco


Clint Eastwood personal Hollywood Stuntman / Actor

Former Touring Drummer with  Zephyr

World Cross Draw Shooting Champion



Phoenix DrumCo is currently building Johnny an all Acrylic Clear Ice 4 pc Drum Kit. We will follow up with photos. 


" I have had the pleasure of meeting Philip Gelb, President of Phoenix Drum Co. and the privilege of playing on a couple of his custom sets of drums. These drums are ported and tuned to a perfection that I have never experienced in the 40 plus years I have been playing. PDC is also working on a new concept with sound color dynamics that will definitely showcase drummers in a new and exciting spotlight. Phoenix Drum Co. is building a custom kit for me that will be ready next month. I'm excited and happy to say those drums will be second to none in the world.




Johnny Brusco"





Goldshteyn Evgeny


" Good day dear Philip and  crew of Phoenix DrumCo!


Of course, first, I want to say to you Philip : THANK YOU for your support and assistance! You helped me find one of the best snare in the  world--PDC Fat Turbo Cat Snare 6,5"x 14" Brass with Black Nickel. 


The snare exterior, aesthetics and sound are amazing. I think the logo wings on the lugs and on the shell is a good design decision. It looks very cool and  of course, the GHOST PORT rocks!!! 


I am proud to have such a snare- a snare made by Phoenix Drum Company. I love it, and am fully satisfied. Thank you so much Phoenix Drum Co.


With warmest regards, 


Your Russian customer and fan,

Goldshteyn Evgeny 





Brett Frederickson- Drummers Rule



Brett Frederickson has played drums with many bands like Megadeth. Brett has also done studio work for various artists like Scott Mishoe, Keith Horne, Jeff Kollman, Ray Riendeau and many more.


Brett is a degreed instructor from the Musicians Institute of Technology and has been featured in many magazines such as Modern Drummer, Drum Business, and Drum Magazine.


Brett's true passion is teaching his students to play drums. Brett has taught thousands of students over the past 25 years and many of them have been accepted into top music schoolsand/ or have been awarded scholarships and have gone on to become professional drummers.


Brett Plays a PDC Phantom Fat Cat (6.5 x 14) Snare Drum.


"I love my Phoenix Drum Co. Fat Cat Brass Snare Drum. I have played many brands and varieties over the years but to me this drum has a beautiful resonate tone that motivates me to play it as often as possible.


The PDC Ghost port gives it a sound and a tone that is like no other snare I have ever played. To me it has a dry, crisp quality that can cut through anything and responds well to all levels of dynamic playing. Last but not least, it is a beautiful drum that you can have customized to express your own individuality. It's about time.




Brett Fredrickson

Drummers Rule"





Joe Meyer

Nikki Hill Band


I'm playing one of the Phoenix Drum Co. Rest-O-Mod Acrolite aluminum (5” x 14”) snare drums in satin black with black nickel hardware.


I've always loved the sound of the Acrolite snare drum, but found that live it didn't really cut the way that I liked or wanted.


The Phoenix Drum Co. modifications to the drum have made it an Acrolite on steroids! The triple flange hoops, tube lugs, upgraded hardware throw-off and proprietary gaskets that were added really give the drum supreme tuneability and a great crack.


That smack that I wanted out of the drum is now totally there. The PDC Ghost Port, that is standard issue in all their drums, also helps with relieving some overtones that used to exist. The drum is amazing in quality and crisp sound. Thanks to PDC! 



Joe Meyer

Nikki Hill Band




Jim Llewellyn



"From my first conversation with Philip I knew that he was passionate about drums and drumming. He answered all my questions thoroughly and asked many of his own to make sure he knew what I wanted from my drums. During the ordering process Philip double checked everything to make absolutely sure that PDC was going to send me the drum(s) in the custom configurations I wanted.


When the drums came they were playable as is; with no modifications in tuning. Because of the questions Philip had asked, he knew intuitively how I wanted them to sound and tuned them accordingly. The finish on my popcorn snare is flawless and I know that is because Philip sent it back to be redone when it was not up to PDC standards.


Besides other drummers, I have had sound men, guitar players and bass players ask me where I got such good sounding drums. My turbo fat cat snare is my "go to" snare for all gigs and has the dynamic response that I require whether playing quietly or rocking out. The popcorn snare sounds phenomenal in Latin and Funk music. I get so many compliments on these drums and highly recommend PDC to everyone!” 



Jim Llewellyn


Calgary AB, Canada








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