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Phoenix Drum Company loves two things - drums and drummers.


The Phoenix Drum Company was founded in 2011 by Philip Gelb, a drummer who wanted an instrument designed for better sound combined with outstanding aesthetic design. Philip also wanted to have the option to add upgrades to the instrument above the basic model, just as one would do for a luxury vehicle. Philip created the company to offer drummers greater artistic expression and product personalization because Philip believes that “A drum set is the body where the soul of the drummer resides and it deserves a luxury estate, not a fixer upper.”


First he conquered sound quality.


After many years of sheer frustration dealing with annoying overtones, ringing, clanking and etc of the drums during performance, Philip created and patented The Ghost Port℗.  The PDC Ghost Port℗ resolves the fundamental problem that all drummers, studio engineers and live venue sound engineers contend with. The PDC Ghost Port℗ virtually eliminates all unwanted ringing and overtones, period. All PDC drums are manufactured with PDC Ghost Port℗, so If you own a set, feel free to leave your duck tape at home. The end result is a stellar sounding drum with ample headroom that eliminates the need for proverbial Band Aid's such as gels, mylar rings, muffler felts, duct tape, etc. (And yes, you are welcome.)

Next, Philip focused on the quality of the parts, materials and components used in building the instruments. Philip wanted materials and execution that enhanced the performance and longevity of his instruments. He took an instrument apart and reconsidered, reconfigured and improved each part and finish, material and assembly process to achieve results.


For example, PDC wood drum shells are made from North American rock hard maple and birch. How are DPC shells better?  These shells have a patented VSS technology which enhances the integrity and strength of the drums. They deliver wider tonal ranges, increasing resonant frequencies and adding noticeable volume and sound projection.

Made in America is still the best proof of quality for any product. Phoenix DrumCo. uses only American wood drum shells from  a company known to manufacture some of the best quality, patented drum shells in the industry for over 50 years.


Precision matters. PDC Drum Shells are  perfectly round, leveled and have precisely cut uniform bearing edges, ensuring that the drum heads will not only seat properly but are easy to tune and stay in tune.


Thinking ahead is an insurance policy. Phoenix DrumCo wood drums interior  is sealed with hand rubbed South American Tung Oil, applied in multiple coats and hand buffed over 24 hours. This application protects the interior of the drums from moisture while it allows the wood to breathe. That technique provides for better sound, resonance and sound fidelity than instruments sealed with typical lacquer. Lacquer as you might have guessed hardens and cracks with time and that affects sound quality negatively, producing hard and hollow sound.


Precision rules.  Phoenix DrumCo. applies DrumDial Bearing Edge Conditioner to all bearing edges. The conditioner hardens the cellulose in the wood, preserves, lubricates and allows the drum heads to seat evenly and tune better. This process takes place before the drum heads and hoops are installed.


“Do Not Disturb”. PDC uses low mass brass tube lugs which have minimal contact with the drum shells, giving the shells maximum resonance.


The Fundamentals. All Phoenix DrumCo. bass drums are equipped with a KickPort℗ . PDC Bass drums are also available with PDC “4ontheFloor” which is four bass drum spurs, positioned diametrically opposite to one another in order to create

a) Bass drum stability

b) Elevate the bass drum shell off of the floor

c) To allow for maximum resonance

d) Keep the batter head in a stable position for consistent sound


Innovate! Phoenix Drum Company drums are the only drums with patented “PDC Ghost Port”℗ installed, originally equipped during manufacturing aka. “OEM”.

All components are assembled with custom made, indestructible gaskets where metal meets metal or metal meets wood.


Finally Philip Gelb wanted character, gist, pizzazz, mojo and wow factor, so,


The exterior designs of the Phoenix DrumCo. drums are finished by some of the most talented world renowned automobile and motorcycle artists in the world (check gallery). Our Drums are truly masterpieces of Art with the added bonus of great sound!


 All Phoenix Drum Company drum finishes are additionally coated, polished and preserved with Carnauba® Auto Wax before leaving our facility.


 All our products are proudly made in America.


In Philip Gelb’ own words


In Pursuit of Perfection and Precision


Someone once asked me “If money were no object, what you will do?” At that time  I had my luxury custom home building company for nearly 20 years and I was getting a bit tired of it. I answered laughingly “I will be making the coolest drums you can imagine!” As life would have it a particular string of events in my life convinced me the only right time to do what you love is now.  This is how I switched from real estate to making drums.


My experience in bilding luxury homes has been very beneficial to my drum building business. As a builder I designed my own floor plans elevations and site plans to include hardscape, landscape and swimming pools. I worked closely with some of the most talented architects and designers in Florida and Arizona.


Out of necessity I had to become a problem solver, learning and emulating architects and engineers‘ approach to resolve impeding problems efficintely and within timely manner. Architects and ingineers are trained in a strict scientific discipline,and are mechanically inclined but still capable to reinvent and resolve structural design or execution issues.


Having been a home builder I have acquired vast knowledge of fine cabinetry, furniture, millwork wood products, wood species and their properties, wood finishes and characteristics which are fundamental in understanding the construction of wood drum shells and exotic wood veneers that can be applied to the exterior of the drum shells for added aesthetic value and finishes.


I have developed a keen eye for design finishes,painting, coating and staining.They are also used in plumbing fixtures and door hardware, handles, decorative features I commonly used in building luxury estate homes.


You need a village to build a house. I had to build a team of suppliers, custom fabricators and subcontractors to turn t my client's visions into reality. The same applies to drum industry. You must always be pushing the envelope to produce the best product available using the best resources and labor available.


Visit  Testimonails to find out what others have to say about our PDC drums.



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