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Phoenix-Phonic F-22 Raptor Fat Cat Aluminum Snare Drum

The latest greatest technology featuring PDC beaded aluminum (6.5” x 14”) Aluminum snare drum shell with PDC Patented Ghost Port ® and Machined PDC Aero Space Aluminum Tube Lugs in Ice Candy Blue. Equipped with brushed nickel Triple Flange Hoops, Trick GS-007 Multi Step Throw Off mounted on PDC machined aluminum shell bracket. This is the type snare drum that Bonzo would have loved to play.

Phoenix-Phonic F-22 Raptor Fat Cat Aluminum Snare

  • 2016 Phoenix-Phonic F-22 Raptor Aluminum Fat Cat Snare Drum is a Modern Classic Iconic snare drum. Embracing the rich music history of the past and building in new technology, superior components and American craftsmanship to create a modern classic. How many famous recordings can you name that were made using aluminum snare drums 2016 Phoenix-Phonic Black-Hawk Aluminum Fat Cat Snare Drum (6.5”x14”) equipped with PDC Machined Air-Craft Aluminum Tube Lugs®, Trick GS-007 Multi Step Machined Aluminum Throw Off, Evans Drum Heads, and Pure Sound snare wires.

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