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The PDC Popcorn Snare Drum will get your creative juices flowing. The drum is capable of producing a super tight pop with amazing rim shots.
The PDC  Popcorn snare features a 10"x7" 7 ply 100% maple shell for rich tone and extreme loudness, this shell offers outstanding durability and is fitted with solid brass tube lugs and 2.3 mm triple flange steel hoops. The tube lugs and hoops are available in standard polished chrome or optional polished black nickel. As standard equipment  a Trick GS-007, Multi-step indexed, machined aluminum, throw off and butt plate is fitted on this drum which makes the PDC Popcorn snare drum easier to control and tune. As with all of our drums have been designed and built to stay in-tune for extended periods of time.

The Popcorn is available in high gloss Arctic White or high gloss Midnight Black  and features precision-fit Stainless Steel tension rods and solid brass receivers for incredibly smooth and precise tuning.

The introduction of the Patented, Phoenix Drum Company, Ghost Port addresses one of the most basic and fundamental problems that drummers, studio engineers and Live venue sound engineers contend with. The PDC Ghost Port virtually eliminates unwanted ringing and overtones not only in our snare drums, but in all the drums we manufacture. The end result is a stellar sounding drum with ample headroom that eliminates the need for proverbial Band Aid's such as gels, mylar rings, muffler felts, duct tape, etc. At Phoenix Drum Company, we believe an instruments hand crafted qualities are fully expressed and appreciated when they are played unrestricted and wide open. We guarantee our instruments will be a kick-ass heirloom your family passes down from generation to generation.

PDC Popcorn Snare Drum

Color Selection
  • *** Phoenix Drum Company Patented Ghost Port *** Drum Shell (7” x 10”) 7 ply 100% maple shell with polished chrome tube lugs or optional polished black nickel tube lugs. Hoops 2.3MM,Triple Flange (10” x 6  Lug) polished chrome tube lugs or optional polished black nickel plated hoops for optimal shell resonance Lugs 6(3.5” Brass Tube Lugs) with available optional PDC Patented Tube Lug Winged Badges. More Lug, Less T Rod Thread = better tuning Snare Throw Off PDC engravedTrick GS-007 Black Chrome Multi-Step Machines Aluminum Snare Butt PDC Trick GS-007 Black Chrome Snare Wires Pure Sound Blasters (10” x 16 Strand) Batter Head Remo Ambassador Coated BA-010-00 Resonant Head Remo Ambassador Hazey SA-010-00 Tension Rods Black 56MM, 2.25” with Black Metal Washer and Black Poly-Carbon Washer Vent Polished Chrome or optional polished black nickel threaded air vent with gaskets
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