PDC 2016 Ninja FAT CAT® Limited EditionHammered Brass Snare Drum, now taking orders for just 200 copies of this beautiful beast world wide. 
all PDC Drums have the latest Drum Technology, The Patented PDC Ghost Port®, the most Innovation & amazing  Drum Sound that will resonate with you. 
Our Snare Drums are modeled after and designed to outperform the most recorded snare drums in history.

The Hand Hammered Fat Cat has a slightly brighter sound than PDC's other Fat Cats, but still has a solid, full attack with a nicely toned crack that delivers explosive rim shots. This snare has great articulation with or without the snare wires engaged and is unmatched in its volume sensitivity and projection.

PDC Fat Cat Hammered Brass Ninja

  • PDC 2016 Ninja FAT CAT® Limited EditionHammered Brass Snare Drum

    (6.5 "x 14") Hand Hammered gloss black brass snare drum, this drum is fitted with 10 PDC Machined Aero- Space Lugs ® in Candy Apple finish., triple flag black nickel plated hoops, Trick GS-007 Multi-Step Throw Off, Pure Sound snare wires, Evans Level 360 drum heads.


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