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Phoenix DrumCo.  maple or birch Kits Available in different shell sizes and us at for more information to schedule a phone appointment. please include your full name, email address, cell phone number, city and state with best time to phone you. 
From Woodshed to Studio to Stage PDC Drum kits are perfect for your gig thanks to our Patented "PDC Ghost Port System”. Customize your drum kit by design and specifications

PDC Drum Kit Lexus Pearl White

Product option
  • Phoenix Drum Company Patented Ghost Port Exterior Finish - Lexus Pearl White Interior Finish - Hand Rubbed Tongue Oil Hardware - PDC Black Nickel with PDC Isolation Tom Mount System Drum Heads - Remo Ambassador clear Bass Drum Batter Head - Remo Powerstroke 3 Bass Drum Resonant Head4 color laminated PDC Vintage Logo with Kickport installed Drum Shells - VSS North American Hard Rock Maple Toms - 8x8x8" Ply - 10x10x"8 Ply - 12x12x8"Ply
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