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Gibraltar Racks come in all shapes and sizes to fit your performance needs. Our tough and rugged Road Series Racks feature heavy-duty clamps to keep your setup secure night after night. Power Racks were designed for the working drummer who has to setup and breakdown constantly, looking to cut down the weight and size of their drum hardware.
There is no getting around it. Cymbal and tom stands have their limitations. They can creep under heavy play. Stand Bases tend to get in the way of one another. Your setup never feels the same from gig to gig and there’s a lot to tear down and haul around Gibraltar’s Road Series Rack Systems outs the end of it .Memory locks ensure that your that your drums and cymbals will be exactly where you want them to be. There will be no clutter on the stage. And remarkably, without all of those stand bases, there’s actually less to transport.

Gibraltar Drum Rack Straight Side Extension

  • Straight Side Extension 1 pc. 36" Vertical Leg with Mini Fixed T-Leg 1 pc. 43.5" Straight Side Bar 1 pc. Mutli Clamp with Hinged Key Memory Lock 1 pc. Mounting Hardware to connect to Gibraltar Basic Rack
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