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Fat Cat PDC-ACR-YE-0714BN “ Not So Mellow Yellow
The new line of our Phoenix DrumCo. Acrylic Snare Drums and Drum Kits are here, using the best quality shells in industry that None of the largest 4 drum manufacturers have or use. Because of  this quality we offer one of the best warranties in the industry. The sound of the snares is amazing . They sound warm like a wooden shell but have attack of Acrylic. Combining our Patented Phoenix DrumCo. Ghost Port® with these amazing shells and hand-built american construction offers the best Acrylic sound on the market. Imagine the cool looks and stage versatility of Acrylic Drums with the warmth of wood.

 Available in many shell colors, hardware finishes and sizes all snares are fitted with Trick GS-007 Multi-Step Throw-Offs,Pure Sound Blaster snare wires and triple flange hoops.

Fat Cat PDC-Acrylic Not So Mellow Yellow

  • Manufactured by RCI International, hardened acrylic polymer engineered by RCI and made in the USA . A more improved Transparent & Pattern shell design with these key features:*All seams are acrylic welded and sealed (Engineered at RCI International Patent Pending) . *These shells do not have a support tab or thin strip of plastic holding the seam together. *The RCI Starlite shells stand second to none due to the fact they are made for the percussion industry. *RCI Starlite shells (Solid transparent colors, or Pattern colors) are "acrylic welded" at the seams thus making them air and water proof. Why RCI Starlite acrylic shells are #1:RCI Starlite acrylic welded, sealed shell and the competitors (identified by a Support Tab holding the seam together.) were sent to an Acoustic Vibration Specialist, the RCI shell being the obvious victor. *With RCI Starlite, vibration passes through the entire shell giving it the utmost in acoustic tonal qualities. *"Top, mid, and bottom end tonal qualities suffered due to the competitors "Support Tab" shell design. All vibration went to the weakest part of the shell..........the seam.*The best drum builders know; end tuning is crucial to a sealed shell, ..air should be controlled through the venting..*RCI Starlite Acrylic Shells are the # 1 shell used by the Largest and Most Reputable Drum Companies in the World today.
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