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 The Brass Hammered  Majewel is the perfect drum for Stage, Studio or Living Room.

Our Snare Drums are modeled after and designed to outperform the most recorded snare drums in history.

The Hand Hammered Fat Cat has a slightly brighter sound than PDC's other Fat Cats, but still has a solid, full attack with a nicely toned crack that delivers explosive rim shots. This snare has great articulation with or without the snare wires engaged and is unmatched in its volume sensitivity and projection.

Brass Shell Hammered Majewel Fat Cat Snare

  • Phoenix Drum Company Patented Ghost Port *** Drum Shell - (6.5” x 14”) Beaded Hand Hammered Brass Shell with PDC Cast Winged Shell Badge. *Special Orders for (5" x 14") available* Hoops - 2.3MM, Tripple Flange (14” x 10 Lug) Black Nickel plated Hoops for optimal shell resonance Lugs - 10 (3.5” Brass Tube Lugs) with PDC Patented Tube Lug Winged Badges. More Lug, Less T Rod Thread = better tuning Snare - Throw Off Trick GS-007 Black Chrome Multi - Step Machined Aluminum Snare Butt - Trick GS-007 Black Chrome Snare Wires - Pure Sound Blasters (14” x 20 Strand) Batter Head - Evans Level 360 Genera Batter Resonant Head - Evans Level 360 Snare Side 300 Tension Rods - Black 56mm, 2.25” with Black Metal Washer and Black poly-Carbon Washer Vent - Black Nickel Threaded Air Vent with gaskets
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