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The PDC, Phoenix-Phonic, Aluminum Fat Cat Snare Drums (6.5” x 14”) were created with a beaded aluminum shell of 1mm thickness which produces a crisp and fat sound. This snare drum is a true work horse, designed to be used in many diverse musical situations.The PDC Phoenix-Phonic Aluminum Fat Cat produces fat sound and expresses full presence. Similar to the Fat Turbo Cat, this snare doesn't produce undesirable overtones or ringing (a common frustration of many drummers and recording engineers) due to our patented PDC Ghost Port.By drawing out the maximum characteristics of our proprietary Beaded Aluminum Drum Shell, we have achieved the Holy-Grail of aluminum snare drum sounds. Our 10 lug design is available with PDC Black Engraved, Heavy Duty, Multi Adjustable, Throw OFF. For an additional charge the Trick GS-007, Multi-step indexed, machined aluminum, throw off and butt plate is available which makes the PDC Phoenix-Phonic Aluminum snare drum easier to control and tune. Our Aluminum Snare Drums have been designed to stay in-tune for extended periods of time. This will be your new go-to snare for live gigs or in the studio. We're confident that we've created the next “Big Thing” in snare drum technology. Phoenix Drum Company offers different finishes, colors and hardware selections so your drums will look as good as they sound.

Aluminum Phoenix-Phonic Fat Cat Nautilus

  • Phoenix Drum Company Patented Ghost Port Drum Shell - PDC, Phoenix-Phonic Aluminum Nautilus Blue (6.5" x 14”) Beaded Aluminum Shell with Black Nickel Tube Lugs Hoops - 2.3MM,Tripple Flange (14” x 10 Lug) Black Nickel plated Hoops for optimal shell resonance Lugs - 10 (3.5” Brass Tube Lugs) with PDC Black Nickel Tube Lugs. More Lug, Less T Rod Thread = better tuning Snare - Throw OffTrick GS-007 Black Chrome Multi - Step Machined Aluminum Snare Butt - Trick GS-007 Black Chrome Snare Wires - Pure Sound Blasters (14” x 20 Strand) Batter Head - Remo Coated Power Stroke 3 P3 -0114-BP Resonant Head - Remo Ambassador Hazey SA-0114-00
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