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PDC Fat Cat Brass Snare is the perfect drum for Stage, Studio or Living Room.

Our Fat Cat Brass Snare Drums are modeled after and designed to outperform the most recorded snare drums in history.

This Brass Fat Cat has a solid, full attack with a nicely toned crack that delivers explosive rim shots. This snare has great articulation with or without the snare wires engaged and is unmatched in its volume sensitivity and projection.

2016 PDC Phantom Fat Cat with PDC Machined Lugs

  • The New Phoenix DrumCo. Lugs are here and they are amazing, like nothing else in the industry. Each new PDC Air Craft Aluminum Lug ® Takes 20 minutes to sculpt on the C&C machine and are available in a wide range of colors. For the latest Drum Technology, Innovation & Drum Sound that will resonate with you. Since aluminum works as a better isolator, and we no longer chrome plate the material, there is nothing to work against the drums resonating tones. The added bonus is that aluminum is less than one third of the weight of steel of brass, so our new PDC Air Craft Aluminum Lugs ®are the lightest way to achieve the most effective result. Less mass and weight on the drum shell = more resonance. Shown PDC Phantom Fat Cat (6.5" x 14")Black Nickel over beaded brass shell with Trick GS-007 Multi-Step Throw Off.
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